Marflow Hydronic Systems

Why Marflow?

Complete Product Portfolio

Were you aware that Marflow Hydronics has a complete product portfolio for all your water distribution system needs?

Most people only know us for our Xterminator® Valve Sets or Pressure Independent Control Valves, but there is far more to our range than that.  And all our products are backed up with our added value services.

Our prefabricated solutions provide you with pre-assembled and pre-tested products that are ready for installation when you need them.

Pipeline Valves
Our range of Pipeline Valves include our smaller products such as isolation or commissioning valves. They were developed to work in the real world and can help save time, money and energy.

Control Valves
Marflow Hydronics has a complete range of Control Valves to help you whatever the application, including Axial, Rotary and Electronic solutions.

Energy Valves
With energy consumption being such a hot topic at present and buildings being required to reduce their CO2 emissions, Marflow Hydronics has ensured it has a range of valves that could help users manage and monitor their energy usage.

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