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Running, maintaining and upgrading existing buildings can be challenging, particularly when faced with a wide variety of different system designs using different manufacturers’ products.

All buildings require regular maintenance and an essential aspect of this is the challenge of optimising flows to reduce energy consumption in order to ensure that comfort levels in the building are maintained at all times.  Accurate monitoring of the energy used by the tenant and the efficient billing to each of these can also add to the long list of tasks.

Products to help you

Marflow Hydronics can assist you with these challenges in many ways:

We have a wide range of products that are easy to work with, all with excellent availability of parts or replacements.  Products can be easily maintained using the comprehensive, easy to understand installation, operation and maintenance instructions (IOMs) or with direct assistance by referral to our team of highly skilled engineers.

Help with commissioning

These techniques include, Remote Commissioning, Continuous Commissioning, Single Station Balancing and Dynamic Flow Networking.

Using Remote® Commissioning techniques, network connected actuators on rotary type pressure independent control valves can set the required flow rate to a terminal unit. The commissioning of the system is considerably reduced as valves can be opened, closed and trimmed remotely from a laptop computer.

Continuous Commissioning is a process facilitated by “Remote® Commissioning” whereby the “health” of a system is promoted and checked regularly to avoid deterioration in comfort and energy efficiency.

Single Station Balancing (SSB) is a technique we have developed to help improve the commissioning of variable volume systems.  SSB uses a subtraction technique to troubleshoot and identify problem valves in a system, verifying the correct flows through a distribution system equipped with PICVs.

All valve information and hydronic performance data is collated into a spreadsheet package with changes being easily tracked and monitored and problem areas easily identified and communicated.

Early identification of problem areas reduces maintenance costs and call-out charges making SSB the perfect addition to any preventative maintenance schedule.

Dynamic Flow control valves enable dynamic pressure independent control in “real time”, networking with room temperature controllers over the HVAC bus, converting this to a flow set point whilst measuring the flow through the valve. Valve position is controlled so that the temperature set point in the room is maintained, irrespective of variations in pressure.

This system is particularly beneficial to Facilities Managers as the valve always adapts automatically to system conditions, regardless of pressure variations, and will automatically seek the most optimal operating conditions to ensure maximum user comfort at minimum energy consumption.

These options bring many benefits to Facilities Manager such as:

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