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We understand that as an installer an efficient and quick completion to contracts on time and to budget is vital, despite the fact that you are often being faced with challenging on-site design and layout changes that threaten this.  Whatever the project, you need to be assured that the system is correctly installed and pressure tested.  Once installation is completed, you then face the additional challenge of time consuming commissioning procedures, which at times can be fraught with problems and result in expensive delays.

This is where Marflow Hydronics can really help.

Our extensive portfolio of products includes the Xterminator range of valve assemblies for fan coils, chilled beams and other hydronic terminal units, Axial, Rotary and Electronic PICC Valves, Filterball Valves, Terminator Valves, Ball Valves and Manifold Systems.

Incorporating PICCVs into the design results in less valves being required on terminal units (reducing capital and valve installation costs) whilst the automatic flow balancing capability of the PICCV vastly reduces commissioning time and therefore speeds up handover time.

Purchased individually or as part of the Xterminator valve assembly, Rotary PICCVs can be linked into the building’s BMS control system to take advantage of our ground breaking Remote® Commissioning concept – a system solution that offers all that is required to balance and control water flow to hydronic terminal units in a truly flexible and energy efficient way.

We also have an outstanding service and support team that you can call on for assistance.  This team of highly skilled technical sales engineers has a wealth of experience in design, installation and commissioning.  We are here to advise you on new techniques, supply detailed information on new products, support you when you face challenging water distribution problems and advise you on various pipe layouts and configurations.

Benefits to the contractor include:

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