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We understand that as a designer it’s vital for you to have workable designs.  Your clients can be demanding and you need to make sure you meet their comfort requirements at the same time as maximising your income.

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team is very experienced in working closely with consultants.  We will support you at all stages of your project, from the initial design concept through to the installation and commissioning process, ensuring that all your needs are met.  This attention to detail ensures that the correct product is specified at all times.

Particular attention is paid to energy conservation with a strong, clear focus on optimising energy usage and improving system efficiency.  Every stage of the design and building process is built on the key foundations of service and support, as our teams are dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction until successful handover of the project.

Our detailed knowledge and understanding of HVAC applications makes us the ideal partner.

We offer our design engineers a multiple choice of solutions dependant upon the application and the building use, from simple and effective valves to complex commissioning concepts.

Products to help you

By specifying Marflow Hydronics’ range of PICCVs, less valves are required on the complete system (reducing capital and valve installation costs) whilst the efficient and automatic flow balancing capability of the PICV ensures that design flow rates are maintained irrespective of changes in demand.

PICCVs also reduce commissioning time and therefore speed up the handover time of the project.

Supplied individually or as part of the Xterminator valve assembly, Rotary PICCVs can be linked into the building’s BMS control system to take advantage of our ground breaking Remote® Commissioning concept – a system solution that offers all that is required to balance and control water flow to hydronic terminal units in a truly flexible and energy efficient way.

Dynamic Flow control valves enable dynamic pressure independent control in “real time”, networking with room temperature controllers over the HVAC bus, converting this to a flow set point whilst measuring the flow through the valve. Valve position is controlled so that the temperature set point in the room is maintained, irrespective of variations in pressure.

This system is particularly beneficial on buildings which are managed by Facilities Managers, as the valve always adapts automatically to system conditions, regardless of pressure variations, and will automatically seek the most optimal operating conditions to ensure maximum user comfort at minimum energy consumption.

Benefits to the Consulting Engineers include:

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