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Marflow Hydronics’ Single Valve Sets are known as Xterminators®.

The Xterminator is a range of engineered terminal unit connection sets which incorporates a suite of valves and fittings to balance and control a range of terminal devices.

All units are supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested, fully prepared for installation into a fan coil assembly, or separately into a building’s pipework system.

The Xterminator valve set is available with centre-to-centre dimensions of either 40mm or 80mm and come in a number of different options:

Just some of the great features and benefits of the Xterminator include:


When efficient control and speedy connection is required to a terminal device, then look no further than the comprehensive Xterminator® range of terminal valve sets.

Different styles of the Xterminator are available. There are ‘compact’ pre-assembled and pre-tested units that are designed for assembly over an extended condensate drip tray within the terminal device. These have 40mm centres and are supplied with either an Axial Pressure Independent Control Valve or a Rotary Pressure Independent Control Valve.

Units that are designed for installation and use with terminal branch pipe work are also available. These incorporate an Axial Pressure Independent Control Valve, a flow measurement Venturi, a Filtermate® isolating valve, an optional Filterball® combined isolating valve and strainer, blow down valve and a flushing by-pass valve. They are all arranged at 80mm centres and allow pipes to be adequately insulated if required.


Our Xterminator range offers the building owner, designer and contractor a versatile range of solutions to optimise flow and temperature control in a building, potentially reducing wasted energy in unoccupied or rarely used spaces.

Installed either independently in pipe work (at the terminal unit) or integrated into the terminal device, the Xterminator can also help eliminate seasonality problems associated with heating and cooling of buildings, helping reduce energy and cost.

The Xterminator can be supplied with a choice of PICVs to suit the BMS and system requirements but there is an added benefit if the Rotary PICV is selected.

Marflow Hydronics’ unique and groundbreaking “Remote® Commissioning” system allows the actuator on the Rotary PICV to be linked electronically via BACnet to a BMS controller and the buildings commissioning package.

This connection allows the adjustment of the PICV from a remote PC without the need for physical presence in the building, thus avoiding the lengthy and obtrusive work on site in ceiling voids previously associated with manual balancing systems.

Terminal Devices
Marflow Hydronics’ Xterminator valve set can be used with any terminal device.

More than just Fan Coil Units, the Xterminator can be used with a whole range of terminal devices, including:

Find out more about the Xterminator and its multiple matches by requesting a copy of our Did You Know guide.


All Xterminator valve sets include a Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV), isolating valves on both flow and return pipe work, a flushing by-pass and blow down valve, as well as measuring facilities for independent authentication of flow measurement, should this be required.

Uniquely, the Xterminator® is offered with either one of the following PICVs to suit individual requirements:

a) Rotary PICVs – when remote connection via BACnet is required

b) Axial PICVS – for use when a manual valve or the choice of electronic actuation is required

Marflow Hydronics’ PICVs are available for flow rates between 0.01l/s and 0.61l/s.

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