Marflow Hydronic Systems

Multiple Valve Assemblies

Features & Benefits

A centrally located, multi terminal manifold unit provides significant benefits when compared with the conventional approach of installing individual valve sets at each terminal unit.

As the Marflow Hydronics Diversiflow manifold system houses all of the valves required for a group of terminal units in a single, insulated box, then this provides easy and convenient access for the commissioning and maintenance of a number (typically up to six) of chilled beams or fan coil units.

“Inside the box” are all the isolating, manual or automatic balancing valves or pressure independent control valves, strainers (Filterball) and drains you need – everything you require to control the flow to the terminal unit.

As these manifolds are designed to serve up to six terminal units, then significant savings can be made in terms of commissioning time, as it is no longer necessary to visit each individual terminal unit to perform this task. Just visit the one manifold box and all six terminal units can be adjusted.

All Marflow Hydronics manifolds are assembled using quality components and pretested under ISO 9000 quality assurance systems at our factory in Birmingham. This gives you the added assurance that any potential leakages are detected and eliminated before the unit is delivered to site.

  • Up to six terminals can be served from one manifold (depending on flow rates)
  • All units are custom built to your specifications
  • Bi-lateral and linear manifold units are supplied boxed and pre-insulated, ready for connection in either light-weight boxes or steel enclosures
  • All connections on the Bi-Lateral and Linear manifold units can be external, eliminating the need to access internal components and disturb the insulation
  • Suitable for constant or variable flow systems (dependant upon the control valves specified)
  • A full-bore flushing by-pass is incorporated in the design, which allows the manifold to be flushed fully in accordance with the recommended velocities as stated in CIBSE Commissioning Code W: Water Distribution Systems

  • Copper tails to each connection allow for use of PEM copper to PEXAL fittings for use with multi-layer pipe
  • Insulation is Class 1 fire resistant
  • All units are pre-assembled and pretested
  • Ordering and installation is simplified
  • Reduced commissioning time
  • Full bore flushing by-passes saves time during the cleaning and flushing
  • Super-fast push fit connections
  • Excellent Thermal insulation
  • Spare connections can be incorporated to facilitate changes and additions to the units in the system

Currently there are 4 types of Manifold units available in the Marflow Hydronics range:

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