Marflow Hydronic Systems

Heat Sense


By adapting simple Ball Valves, the Heat Sense range makes inserting probes to measure temperature and isolation easier than ever.  

Heat Sense Valve Close-up

It offers time and cost savings over a conventional assembly arrangement, and as it reduces the amount of valves and fittings required it offers massive savings on parts, labour costs and future maintenance costs.

The Heat Sense temperature probe Ball Valve is a nickel plated full way valve with a butterfly handle. The ball in the valve has a hole machined in the bottom portion and a small port machined to suit a Heat Meter probe.  When inserted, the probe sits in the water it’s going to measure.

The ball valve isolates on both sides with its unique seating system and allows a probe to be passed through the specially designed chamber in to the ball which takes temperature readings internally.  This allows for more accurate measurement. An M10 Thermocouple can then be installed with minimal disruption or water loss when the valve is isolated.

Available in sizes 15mm (½”) to 20mm (¾”) and rated for 25 bar working pressure (PN25), the valve is suitable for working temperatures from 0°C  up to 100°C due to the use of high temperature Viton stem seals.

  • Quarter turn
  • Full bore design
  • PN25 rated from 0°C to 100°C
  • Full bore design reduces head loss in the circuit or sub circuit where the valve is installed
  • Viton O-Rings used for higher temperatures
  • Nickel plated body

  • Isolates on both sides to allow minimal loss of water
  • Ease of access to take temperature readings from the system
  • Minimal disruption to the system when readings need to be taken
  • Threaded end connections ISO 7/1 (BSP female)
  • The body, ball and stuffing box are manufactured in high quality brass.

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