Marflow Hydronic Systems


Features & Benefits

Marflow Hydronics’ commissioning valves (or manual balancing valves as they are sometimes called) are known as Terminators®. The Terminator comprises of a standard flow and low-flow combination venturi and regulating ball valve as well as a standalone regulating ball valve with memory stop and position indicator for installation on by-pass duty.

The Terminator uses a regulating ball valve with a characterised insert combined with an integrated venturi for flow measurement. This design combination ensures high accuracy of flow measurement and balancing across all valve settings.

Just some of the great features and benefits include:

  • Quarter Turn
  • Accuracy of flow measurement to within +/-3%
  • Regulation, isolation and flow measurement in one
  • Triple sealed stem protection
  • Internal spindle assembly prevents stem blow out

  • Double body connection seal
  • Viton O-Rings used for higher temperatures
  • Union connections
  • Air vent tapping in the body
  • Air vents available as an accessory
  • Threaded end connections ISO 7/1 Rc – (BSP female taper thread)


A venturi is a device for measuring flow either integrated into a valve set or used independently in a circuit or sub-circuit. An added benefit of using a venturi is that a significant proportion of the pressure loss is recovered after flow has passed through it.

Typically, venturis give a higher signal for a given flow rate and have much better pressure recovery than other measuring devices such as metering stations, especially at lower flow rates. High pressure and energy recovery makes the venturi suitable where only low differential pressures are available.

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