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News UK

News UK

In September 2014, News UK, a publisher of leading newspapers, completed its move to its brand new London Bridge Headquarters. Taking up a thirty year lease, the company’s looking well into the future and so it needed a reliable framework around it that could allow for a comfortable long term residency.

What was needed?

The project was a combined base build and CAT A fit out for the new building that News UK was due to move into.

Gratte Brothers Ltd was the chosen Mechanical Services Contractor and they selected to use Marflow Hydronics valves as the preferred solution for the water distribution system. Gratte Brothers Group is one of the UK’s leading independent building services companies providing, from one source, a complete range of electrical, mechanical, security and commercial catering facility services. The company had worked with Marflow Hydronics in the past and from this previous experience they were confident in using Marflow Hydronics’ valve sets for this new project.

In total, 2343 Axial PICVs were used with Marflow Hydronics’ Xterminator valve sets. These were then utilised with Fan Coil Units produced by Diffusion and Trench Heating provided by Dunham Bush to help create the desired water distribution system for the building. Diffusion has more than 50 years’ experience in the H&V industry and is one of the oldest, most established manufacturers of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning products in the UK.

Xterminator valve sets are part of Marflow Hydronics’ prefabricated product portfolio. The valve set units are supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested, fully prepared for installation into a terminal device. Alongside Fan Coil Units and Trench Heating, the product can work with any terminal unit.

The pre-settable Axial design PICV is selected when either a manually operated valve is required or when a choice of electric actuation is preferred. When used with a Fan Coil Unit they can be configured for horizontal, left or right hand access, dependent on where the fan coil is to be mounted, allowing for the best solution to be found, whatever the application.

The Installation

The units were factory fitted by Diffusion, Gratte Brothers’ chosen Fan Coil Unit manufacturer. Marflow Hydronics supplied the Xterminator valve sets with the Axial PICVs already fabricated directly to Diffusion, who then produced the Fan Coil Units and sent them directly to site for Gratte Brothers to install them.

The main issue that had to be overcome was maintaining the process of selecting the correct valves to suit the Fan Coil Unit flow rates. They were subject to multiple changes due to the compressed time between the work starting and the client wanting to move in.

Due to last minute Fan Coil Unit flow rate changes and the quick start on the project, the first batch of valves were sent directly to site to meet the programme installation dates. Thereafter, the valves were sent to the Diffusion factory to avail of a planned, off-site prefabrication strategy, which included fitting directly to the Fan Coil Unit, wiring and testing. This resulted in a reduced on site installation and commissioning period.

More than just supplying product, Marflow Hydronics also provides a range of added value services. This includes on site technical support, and during this installation this support became invaluable. The client had many queries about how the valves would maintain their set flow rates once they were commissioned and how they could maintain a consistent level of accuracy as and when different sections of the system were opened up. The technical team at Marflow Hydronics was more than happy to work with the client to support them, ensuring a successful handover of the project.

The Outcome

Overall, the project was completed on time and to a high standard.

Tony Byrne, Contracts Manager of Gratte Brothers says:

“We have used Marflow Hydronics in the past and will continue to use them in future. Their Xterminator valve set is an excellent product and when installed with Diffusion’s Fan Coil Units, it was the ideal product for this project and has provided News UK with the long term solution they needed. In addition, Marflow Hydronics’ added value services meant that the client got all their queries answered and we had dedicated support throughout the job.”

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