Marflow Hydronic Systems


Glossary of Terms & Definitions

BACnet – A data communication protocol for “Building Automation and Control Networks”.

BREEAM – BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.  It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design and is an internationally recognised measure of a building’s environmental performance. Increasing the BREEAM rating of a building has ongoing effects for all concerned in the design and development chain.

BSRIA – Building Services Research and Information Association.

Commissioning – The objective of commissioning a system is to advance the installation from the stage of static completion to working order in accordance with specific requirements. The principle activity of commissioning is the balancing of the water distribution system such that each part of the circuit is receiving its design flow rate within acceptable tolerances.

Constant Volume System – A fixed speed pump circulating a given volume flow rate of water around the system.

Continuous Commissioning – a process facilitated by “Remote® Commissioning” whereby the “health” of a system is promoted and checked regularly to avoid deterioration in comfort and energy efficiency.

Differential Pressure – The difference in pressure between any 2 points in the pipe.

DPCV – Differential Pressure Control valve.

DP Signal – Pressure drop measured at the test points.

Equal Percentage Control Characteristic – The relationship between control valve capacity and valve stem travel is known as the Flow Characteristic of the Control Valve.

Flushing – The washing out of an installation with water to a specified procedure to remove construction detritus.

HVAC System – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning within a building.                The complete heating or chilled water pipework, valves and equipment.

Impulse Tube – Small diameter copper pipe used with differential pressure control valves.

Kv – The rate of flow of water (m3/h) at a pressure drop of one bar.

MODBUS – a common and widely used communications protocol for use with programmable controllers for connecting various devices within the HVAC system.

PICCV – Pressure Independent Characterised Control Valve.

Practical completion – The culmination of the construction period of the building when all works and tasks included in the contract have been completed to the satisfaction of the authority and are deemed to be fully in accordance with the specification.

Pitstopping – run in conjunction with the Soft landings protocol, Pitstopping is a method used to assess a building system. It is used to assess and compare actual performance of a buildings system against the original design, particularly important if the client’s needs or building use may have changed or occupancy has varied.

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