Marflow Hydronic Systems



Can I connect the Xterminator® directly to the fan coil unit?

Yes of course. The XTEEx-3 and XTERX-3 are designed for installation over the condensate drip tray within the fan coil unit whilst the XTEEx-4 can be connected directly to branch terminal units.

Does your Xterminator® valve set only connect with fan coil units?

No, the Xterminator actually connects with any terminal device.

Are all Xterminator® units tested prior to despatch?

Yes, all units are preassembled and pretested using 6 bar air under water.

Can the Xterminator® be installed in any orientation?

The Xterminator is very versatile and can be configured for both horizontal and vertical installation and either left hand or right hand access.

Will the Filterball® isolate completely?

Yes, there is no need to supply a separate isolating valve as the ball valve in the unit provides a positive shut-off.  When the side port of the Filterball® is opened to access the filter screen there may be a residue of water in the cap on the side port of the valve but this is a residue only and is quite normal.

How often does the screen need to be cleaned?

We would recommend that this be removed and cleaned after the initial flushing of the system and thereafter once a year or in line with the maintenance schedule unless an increase in differential pressure is recorded.

How do I clean the screen?

Flush the filter in clean water and inspect for damage.  If any damage is seen then replace the filter.  Please contact us for price and availability on the replacement item.

Should PICVs be installed in the flow or return pipework?

Either – All PICVs can be installed in either flow or return providing the flow direction arrow is observed.

Are PICVs bi-directional?

No, all PICVs are uni-directional and must be installed with the flow in the direction as shown on the body of the valve.

Can flexible couplings be used to connect manifolds and Xterminator terminal units to the fan coil units?

Yes of course but please call us with the details and we would be happy to assist you.

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