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Introducing Milo

03 May 2016, Marflow Hydronics

Introducing Milo

As more customers are looking to save time, money and energy in their water distribution projects, we have introduced Milo to help bring to life the many savings that we can offer.

Our new knowledgeable Superhero has sprung to life this month to illustrate how we’ve been helping customers save. Through our range of Prefabricated products, Control Valves, Pipeline Valves and Energy Valves, we have helped customers reduce time needed on site, speed up the installation and commissioning processes, cut costs and improve energy efficiency in water distribution systems.

Chris Forbes, Managing Director, says, ‘The savings that our products provide can be quite significant, but we are finding that not all our customers are fully aware of what’s on offer. So we’ve created Milo as our savings champion to help bring forward this important message. Along with our many added value services, we are able to offer great solutions for companies.’


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