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Feeling the Heat, Easing the Strain: Free Webinar 29th September

22 Sep 2016, Carmel Brown

Feeling the Heat, Easing the Strain: Free Webinar 29th September

After the success of our first Webinar Marflow Hydronics have once again teamed up with HVR Magazine to bring you another free webinar.

With the call for cost reduction when specifying and designing systems without any compromise in performance, engineers and installers alike are always searching for new and innovative ways to meet, if not exceed these demands.  With this in mind, we are looking to the future of water management systems, and in our second webinar taking place on 29th September, we will propose time and cost effective solutions which also offer excellent performance.

Paul Woodley will firstly explore Filterball, the inline ball valve with an incorporated strainer. The Filterball can reduce the amount of fittings required in the system and offer reduced leak paths and installation time, which means a cost saving across the board. Paul will then discuss Heatsense, a valve with built in test pocket for temperature measurement within a system. The benefit of this is that there is no longer a requirement for a separate test point, again reducing time and cost. Last but not least is the flow measurement fitting and double regulating valve.  This offers flow control and balancing with interchangeable venturi to set and regulate flow as required.

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