Marflow Hydronic Systems


Actuators for Control Valves

There are different types of actuator available from Marflow Hydronics to suit the different types of PICVs.

Pre-settable Axial PICVs
The Pre-settable Axial valve is actuated by means of an electro-motive or a thermic actuator.

The electro-motive actuators are available to suit most types of Building Management System (BMS) controllers and offer either 3-point or 0-10v linear control.  The thermic actuator is operated by way of a piston, which moves as a result of the expansion and contraction of a wax element. 24v and 230v On/Off actuators as well as linear 0-10v proportional actuators are available in the range. The On/Off actuator can be linked to a BMS controller or connected to a room thermostat.

The linear proportional actuators are best suited where space is limited but when modulation is required. These types of actuators are silent, compact, reliable with high repeatability.

Rotary PICV
The Rotary PICV has been designed with an ISO standard mounting arrangement that can accommodate actuators with both ISO4 and ISO5 mounting pads. This means that almost any type of rotary valve actuator may be used with the valve so long as the minimum torque requirements are met.


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