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Welcome to Ian’s Blog, a weekly blog bringing you industry news, tips on products and problem solving ideas.

15 Mar 2016

Time for a Break

I’ve really enjoyed writing my blogs over the past couple of years, but the time has come for me to take a break. Working with the marketing department, there are going to be some changes coming soon, and my…

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01 Mar 2016

A-Z of Prefabrication

As a company, Marflow Hydronics gets asked a lot of questions about prefabricated products, especially as this is a core part of our offering. There are so many benefits to using a prefabricated solution, so I thought…

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16 Feb 2016

Xterminator Not the Terminator

It’s not a new battle: man vs machine. But has anyone ever decided which is better? As we know, to err is human, and forgiveness may be possible, but at what cost to a project? However, is automating…

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02 Feb 2016

Relationships Are Key

This month is the first ever Marflow Hydronics Open Day Event. When the marketing team here first suggested that we hold such an event I thought straight away what a great idea. Our industry is…

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19 Jan 2016

It’s About Time

In this month’s MBS Magazine, our Technical Manager, Nick Martin, discusses what manifolds bring to commissioning and I realised that this is one area I’ve never blogged about. So I thought a new year, a new blog…

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05 Jan 2016

A to Z of PICVs

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good Christmas? In my last blog of 2015, I reflected on some of my blogs through the year and I noticed how February’s A to Z of System Design was incredibly well…

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08 Dec 2015

My Year of Blogging

Once again I’ve got to my last blog of the year. 2015 has flown by and what a year it’s been. I took some time recently to look back over my year of blogging and there’s been quite…

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24 Nov 2015

Making Maintenance Easier

So you think you’ve got the best valves, the installation went seamlessly and everything’s been working brilliantly for quite a few months. It’s all good. Then something needs to be checked and the problems start. The valves are…

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