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Are you on a quest for an easier life? Then Milo could help!

His mission at Marflow Hydronics is to find customers the best solution for their projects, giving you the best advice, from the design stage to commissioning and working by your side until handover… and beyond!

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Super Products?

Are you looking for a super product? Marflow Hydronics could have just the solution!

One of the things that Milo’s noticed since working at Marflow Hydronics is how people aren’t taking advantage of our full portfolio of products and the savings that come along with them. Download Milo’s Quest to find out more.


Introducing Milo

As more customers are looking to save time, money and energy in their water distribution projects, we have introduced Milo to help bring to life the many savings that we can offer.

For more information on how Milo can help, please download Milo’s Quest by clicking on the button below.

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Diverse Xterminator

Our Xterminator Valve Set is more diverse than you might have thought.

Suitable for more than just Fan Coil Units, our Xterminator is being increasingly used in projects with a large range of terminal devices.

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If you’re looking for a time saving solution, have you considered our Diversiflow Manifolds? 

A centrally located, multi terminal manifold unit provides significant benefits when compared with the conventional approach of installing individual valve sets at each terminal unit.

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Who is Marflow

As specialist solution providers for the balancing, controlling and metering of water distribution systems in the HVAC industry, Marflow Hydronics is dedicated to creating and supplying innovative and efficient products that meet the rapidly changing needs of buildings and users alike.

We supply an extensive portfolio of products, including the Xterminator range of valve assemblies, Axial and Rotary Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV), Filterball Valves, Terminator Valves, Ball Valves and Manifold Systems.

Supporting You

Our service and support team consists of highly skilled technical sales engineers who have a wealth of experience in design, installation and commissioning. We support designers and help them select and specify the best products for the application.

From challenging water distribution problems to advice about various pipe layouts and configurations, our team has the expertise and experience to assist in making informed decisions with customers on the best solutions available.

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